• To revise the core structures of J’ai (I have), tu as (You have), il/elle a (he/she has)
  • To revise vocabulary used in descriptions
  • To re-use the same structures to create own short passage describing appearance in French.


IWB or screen with sound enabled if you wish to watch the hallowe'en themed skeleton song. Templates of the wanted posters below to share (or display electronically on board) for those who need them and copies of the writing frame support sheet if required/

  • Look at the verb ‘avoir’ (to have) in J’ai tu as, il and elle a forms. Write it on the board and ask the children to point out which bits mean what in English. Encourage the children to make a written record in the back of French books as a quick reference, emphasising the importance of absolutely accurate copying.
Main activity
  • Revise (and in some cases depending on prior experience, teach) vocabulary for facial features un nez, une bouche, les yeux, les cheveux, and add une moustache. We use makaton gestures to remember them or make up your own as a class.
  • Recap colours. Ask children if they can remember the word order if they wanted to say 'a blue nose'? un nez bleu
Teachers grammar note - while usually adjectives follow the noun, adjectives of size such as grand/petit can go in front or after the noun -both are correct. However we go through this again next lesson when we start to produce some written work.
  • Download a set of free pirate flashcards from Bogglesworld and in groups children play 'go fish' or sort and categorise the cards. (They make a good display too)