• To revise some common phrases and structures in a different theme
  • To learn about Christmas in France


IWB or screen with sound enabled if you wish to use the song and weblinks. Two coloured fly-swats are useful to play splat but children could use hands.

  • Revise colours, days of week and numbers 1-20. Write some randomly up on the board and play 'splat': Divide class into 2 teams and one representative from each team comes to board and each is armed with a fly-swat. Teacher calls out one of the words. First to 'splat' the word wins and stays for another turn, the loser swaps places with someone else on his team.
  • board and fly-swats (non-essential)
Main Activity
  • Talk about how Christmas and New Year are celebrated in France.
  • Make a Christmas card with a French greeting.
  • Hampshire schools may have access to use wizkid where they will find a folder called the 24 days of Christmas, each day has a different activity. An alternative for schools which do noy have access to this will be uploaded soon. (Links to IU6.3)

Teachers note: There will be an advent calendar of activities added to this wikispace in time for next Christmas!
  • Have some fun and sing a Christmas song