• 51beQuZXJNL__SL500_AA300_.jpgThis file contains a PowerPoint in the style of Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar.
  • This version is not exactly the same as the official French version of the book - which if you buy you are entitled to scan into your pc and turn into a powerpoint yourself if you wish as long as you contact the Eric Carle foundation to check permissions - instead this is a teacher-made translation read aloud in French page by page, with clip art used instead of the original artwork. Will your children recognise it?
  • To help tell the story use these sequencing flashcards fromkidzclub.comhttp://www.kizclub.com/storypatterns/caterpillar(C).pdf
  • If you are a Hampshire school by all means do contact the HIAS languages team if you would like help recording your book read aloud, otherwise try contacting your local secondary and asking for a French specialist to do the same for you.
  • There are many places you can buy the original book in French without travelling to France.
    Don't believe me? Then type into google 'La chenille qui fait des trous' and click the uk sites button!
    European Bookstores are good and fast, but for price Amazon is very competitive, especialy if you go for their new and nearly new option! Here is a version at http://www.language-stickers.co.uk/page18f4.htm