The aims for this scheme of work are taken from the KS2 Framework for Languages for Year 3:

  • Enjoy listening to & speaking in the language.
  • Listen and respond to familiar spoken words, phrases & sentences.
  • Communicate with others using simple words and phrases & short sentences.
  • Understand conventions such as taking turns to speak, valuing the contribution of others.
  • Use correct pronunciation in spoken work.

  • Recognise & understand some familiar words & phrases in written form.
  • Read aloud in chorus, with confidence & enjoyment, from a known text.
  • Write some familiar simple words using a model. (ie. copy)
  • Write some familiar words from memory.

Inter-cultural Understanding
  • Appreciate the diversity of languages spoken within their school.
  • Talk about the social conventions of their own & different cultures. (eg.greetings)
  • Identify the country or countries where the language is spoken.
  • Have some contact with the country/countries. (Could be using dvd/video or webcam at this stage)
  • Recognise a children’s song, rhyme or poem well known to native speakers.

The content is divided into 3 terms and based on a variety of sources, with core structures taken from the Hampshire End-of-year-6-Agreement. Please click on the link below each tree for the full content:


Year 3 Autumn

Year 3 Spring

Year 3 Summer