The aims for this scheme of work are taken from the KS2 Framework for Languages for Year 4:

  • Listen to and identify words and short phrases.
  • Communicate by asking and answering a wider range of questions.
  • Memorise and present a short text. (eg a song or poem)

  • Read and understand familiar written phrases.
  • Follow a short text while listening and reading, saying some of the text.
  • Read a wider range of words, phrases and sentences aloud.
  • Write some familiar words and phrases without help.

Intercultural Understanding
  • Talk about celebrations of which they have experience.
  • Know about similar celebrations in other cultures. (eg.Christmas)
  • Compare aspects of everyday life at home and abroad.
  • Identify similarities in traditional stories, building on relevant Y2/3 NLS framework objectives

The content is divided into 3 terms and based on a variety of sources, with core structures taken from the Hampshire End-of-year-6-Agreement. Please click on the link below each tree for the full content:

Year 4 Autumn
Year 4 Spring
Year 4 Summer