Termly objectives against which Yr 5 children will be assessed based on the KS2 Framework are:

(NB Pages under construction - lessons only available up to and including week 6)
Oracy (O5.2) - Understand and express simple opinions.
Literacy (L5.2) - Make simple sentences and short texts.
Intercultural Understanding (IU5.3) - Compare symbols, objects or products which represent their own culture with those of another country.

For an overview of the term use this word doc:

This term has been divided into 10 weeks - click the appropriate link below for each lesson and all resources:

Week 1: Like/dislike click here
Week 2: Pop Music click here
Week 3: Instruments click here
Week 4: Folk Music click here
Week 5: Opinions click here
Week 6: Musical ABC click here
Week 7: Qu'est-ce que c'est click here
Week 8: Animals click here
Week 9: Dictionary skills click here
Week 10: Evaluation click here