Termly core objectives against which Yr 6 children could be assessed based on the KS2 Framework are: autumn_tree.jpg

  • Oracy 6.3 (O6.3) - Understand longer and more complex phrases or sentences.
  • Literacy 6.4 (L6.4) - Write sentences on a range of topics using a scaffold.
  • Intercultural Understanding 6.3 (IU 6.3) - Present information about an aspect of culture.

This term has been divided into 12 weeks with a session for Christmas - click the appropriate link below for each lesson and all resources:

(The second half of term is based on QCA unit 'les planetes' which has been moved from year 5 as this compliments work we are doing in science)
Week 1: Alphabet click here
Weeks 2 & 3: Revise introductions click here
Week 4:Happy families click here
Week 5: Describing people & pirates click here
Week 6: Wanted posters click here
Week 7: Planets click here
Week 8:Describing planets click here
Weeks 9: Writing about planets click here
Week 10: Distance from sun click here
Week 11: The Doctor in space click here
Week 12: Christmas lesson click here