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Getting Started

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  • There are sections for Years 3-6 inclusive, each arranged into Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.
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  • Some (but not many) of the video clips in this scheme of work are from YouTube which will may be blocked in school. Click on the link for instructions on how to download YouTube videos for use in school.

Who are we?

  • This scheme of work was originally created by the teachers of Hiltingbury Junior School, lead by Subject Co-ordinator Diana Massa with support from Jo Rhys-Jones as Hampshire Adviser for MFL.
  • The scheme is based on a series of lessons devised by trial and error combined with extracts from QCA units (the bits that worked for us), Hampshire Wizkid, Early Start and Tout le Monde. Where commercial resources were used they have been replaced here with copyright-free alternatives. Many resources made and shared freely on the internet have been adapted and incorporated into the scheme, and we have endeavoured to ensure the authors are attributed as such.
  • Learning gradually progresses from Year 3 which is mostly based on sounds and single words, through Year 4 combining nouns and adjectives to Year 5 which encourages the use of sentences and into Year 6 which presumes children are working at a text level. Topics are revisited in order to build on prior knowledge and a core structure content runs throughout based on the Hampshire End-of-Year-6-Agreement.


  • Occasionally external weblinks are moved and usually we spot this fairly quickly - however not always, especially if we have already downloaded the content for use in school, so do please leave a message if you find a broken link - thank you.
  • This is a working scheme of work and as such we do make revisions to it according to what does or does not work in our classes. Therefore you may wish to download the resources so that you have permanent copies in your school, just in case...
  • We are developing our own assessment, for 'life after levels', for all subjects which you can access through 'Learning Ladders'. However documents as we produce them for KS2 French will also be available here on our assessment page, please fell welcome to share and adapt for your own school.
  • Finally - we don't have all the answers, we are just sharing what we do. Do please get in touch and share your ideas and experiences too.